Race relations in America deserve more conversation.

Sunny Nash - Ethnicity and Culture

Rosa Parks, known as “the mother of the modern Civil Rights Movement,” sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott on December 1, 1955, and changed America.

Below are some links to articles I have written about Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott that will provide a wide range of background on the Civil Rights Movement, Jim Crow laws and lynching. Also included in these articles are books and films about the era to enrich your understanding of race relations in the Jim Crow South and the United States.

Rosa Parks, Montgomery Bus Boycott & Jim Crow – Rosa Parks challenged Jim Crow laws, igniting the Montgomery Bus Boycott, when she refused to give up her seat to another bus rider and set the nonviolent tone for the Woolworth’s sit-ins four years later.

Rosa Parks – Life Behind the Legend – Rosa Parks started the Montgomery Bus Boycott to free Alabama citizens of segregated bus seating and to show…

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